By Lynn FitzpatrickCongratulations ETNZ.You have taken the high road throughout your America's Cup efforts, past and present. There isn't another America's Cup team presently on the water that has suffered the injustices of the current lot of America's Cup dreamers, schemers and scallywags more than you have. You've won all around.The carneys made heads spin... MORE
Dear Mr. Croce:I realize that I am asking you to take an unprecedented measure in the history of sailing, yachting and the International Sailing Federation in requesting that you, as ISAF President, investigate Golden Gate Yacht Club, the America’s Cup Event Authority, the America’s Cup Organizing Committee and the America’s Cup Race Management on matt... MORE
Dear Ms Fitzpatrick The Jury has considered your furthercorrespondence, and does not consider this adds anything to thesubmissions previously considered. The Jury regards the matter is closed. regards David Tillett ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear David Tillett, Chairman AC34 Jury and members of the Jury:Given your response to the last request for an investigatio... MORE
By Lynn FitzpatrickWhere is the impartial jury when the America's Cup teams, the citizens of San Francisco, the rest of the world need them to have a spine? It will be appalling if US Sailing and ISAF, the world governing body of sailing, don't take action to preserve the integrity of the sport of sailing.Despite being presented with legal documents already ... MORE
August 19, 2013Dear David Tillett, Chairman AC34 Jury and members of the Jury:Attached please find documentation supporting a request for investigation of the GGYC, ACEA, ACRM and ACOC. I would rather be preparing for the celebration of the anniversary of the 100 Guinea Cup than filing this document. I trust the Jury will take swift and sweeping action. For... MORE
My questions to all who care about the America's Cup and the sport of sailing - What will it take for the "leaders" in this sport to set a good example? How many people are willing to fight for a better future rather than be steamrolled? Is there anybody out there who will assist me in editing this petition for a Rule 69 hearing and resubmitting it? Are ther... MORE

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