Why didn't you see this before?
2013-02-25 Released

By Lynn Fitzpatrick

Some may question why my missive to Tom Ehman of April 7, 2011 was not published on line before. The simple reason is out of respect to Charles M. Kithcart, Executive Director of African Diaspora Maritime. Beyond that, you can only imagine the reach of the money and the power of those who deigned to put in motion the largest urban waterfront privatization of public assets in the United States.

What follows is my response to Tom Ehman's request to Charles Kithcart that I write a letter stating that I will not publish anything about the registration of African Diaspora Maritime as a Defense Aspirant for the 34th America's Cup. The America's Cup Committee of Golden Gate Yacht Club and Norbert Bajurin, Commodore of GGYC, were carbon copied on the e-mail correspondence.

I waited patiently for New York State Supreme Court Judge Barbara Kapnick to render a decision as to whether the African Diaspora Maritime v. Golden Gate Yacht Club case was going to go to trial. Disappointed with the judge's much delayed verdict, I've decided that it's time to publish again.

I continue to act independently of African Diaspora Maritime and wish Mr. Kithcart and his team the best that well-intentioned organizations designed to benefit the greater good of this planet deserve. I also wish them fair processing throughout their appeal process and a fair trial in the courts and in the media.


14 April 2011


America’s Cup Committee

Subject, Entry Fee for African Diaspora Maritime


I, Lynn Anne Fitzpatrick, DOB --------, make this statement of my own free will and without any reservation.

On March 31, 2011 I was contacted by Charles M. Kithcart Executive Director of African Diaspora Maritime. Mr. Kithcart encountered insurmountable transactional issues at Mechanics & Farmers Bank in North Carolina and I gladly wired African Diaspora Maritime’s registration fee to ACP Inc. on his behalf from San Francisco. Mr. Kithcart and I have already made repayment arrangements.

Mr. Kithcart has asked me to not involve him or his organization in my disagreement with GGYC et al and I will respect his request.


Lynn Fitzpatrick

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